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Plan for Garman Theatre Could be Announced in the Next Month

February 25, 2013

BELLEFONTE — A detailed plan for the Garman Theatre should be presented in the next couple of weeks, Bellefonte Borough Manager Ralph Stewart said after Monday’s council meeting.


The fire-damaged building’s fate has been in limbo since the deadline for the owners to lay out a plan passed, but the owners seem to be on the way to selling it.


Stewart said he is optimistic the building will be sold and redeveloped so he doesn’t have a problem granting the extra time.


“We’re optimistic that there is positive interest in redeveloping the property,” he said.


He previously had said the borough might have to pay to stabilize the Garman, but he said officials are still trying to avoid that situation.


The borough did pay a “pretty nominal” figure of less than $2,000 to board up windows and clear the sidewalk in front of the building, but it will attempt to recoup that money.


“Obviously that’s always our intent,” he said in reference to getting the money back.


Earlier this month Stewart said sales agreements were reached on the Hotel Do De and the Cadillac building, but the potential buyer and details have still not been submitted. Stewart said talks and “positive activity” continue.


During the meeting Mayor Kent Addis wanted to stress to residents that dogs must be kept under immediate control at all times. He said there have been two recent dog on dog attacks in town, one that resulted in the death of a dog.


Addis stressed the importance of leashes especially if the dog is in public.


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